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Termite Identification

The physical appearance of termites can differ depending on the unique species. Most termites are just under 1/2″ in size and vary in color from off-white to yellow or dark brown.

What does a termite look like in Albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

Albuquerque is home to three main types of termites: the Eastern subterranean termite, arid-land termite, and drywood termite. All are considered a major threat to property owners.

Termites can be difficult to see, making it important to look for the signs: mud tubes, frass (termite droppings), piles of discarded wings, and any damaged wood with termite holes.

With our climate, termites are active all year long. That said, many consider springtime to be termite season, as this is when they’re commonly seen swarming by people.

A termite nymph will molt several times before being assigned a specific role, or caste. These castes include workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites.

Every state in the nation except for Alaska has termites. They prefer warm climates, as this allows them to be active all throughout the year.

A termite colony can spread by reproducing and taking over a property. They also will spread from one property to another when new colonies are formed by warmer or reproductive termites.

Termite Identification in Albuquerque NM

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