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What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

The number one sign of termite activity is damaged wood. Only a mature colony that has been infesting a property for a long time will inflict serious structural damage. For this reason, it’s crucial to know how to recognize what termite damage looks like. Damage can be seen in the following areas of the home:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Foam insulation
  • Slabs
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Tiling
  • Windows

Termite Damage Signs

Termites work in the walls and structure of properties, but mature infestations will start to show obvious signs. Some of the most common types of damage caused by termites includes:
  • Cracking on internal walls, ceiling beams, or rafters
  • Bubbled or sagging areas in the floor
  • Mud tubes on the exterior of the home
  • Floorboards/baseboards feeling weak or sounding hollow
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Doors and windows sticking

What Does Termite Wood Damage Look Like?

Termites require cellulose, the fiber within wood, to survive. When termites feed on the cellulose contained by wood, the wood source will become brittle and hollow. Piles of wood or timber left outdoors that has been infested by termites will look like they’ve been completely carved and tunneled-through. In some cases, wood shavings may appear, and wood will be left looking rather splintered. In long-term cases, wood structures can begin to look warped or bent. This is often confused for water damage. Discovering wood damage from termites is indicative of a serious infestation in or around your home.

What to Do When You Find Termite Damage

Seeing signs of termite damage means you very likely have an established termite infestation. Because it takes a long time for termite damage to become noticeable, it’s important to have termite control services to prevent infestations. Pest Defense Solutions can help to stop termite damage from starting in your Albuquerque home!

What Does Termite Damage Look Like? in Albuquerque NM

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