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How Do You Fix Termite Damage?

If you have damage after a termite infestation, it’s crucial to enlist the expertise of a professional. Wood damage can be very dangerous for your property, making it important to get the help of a contractor to make repairs.

When there is minor damage, you may be able to do some of the repairs on your own. However, it is usually best to consult a professional to assist with the repairs, especially because termite damage can be hidden within a home.

Can I Fix Damage From Termites Myself?

The very nature of termite damage is dangerous, as it is often wood damage hidden within the structure of your home. Due to this fact, it’s important to get an expert’s opinion on the extent of the damage done. From there, repairs can be made. If there is just minor damage, there are some DIY fixes you can make that are typically more cosmetic. Serious repairs or structural issues should be addressed by a contractor or professional. When the very structure of your home is at risk, it’s best to get help from someone who is licensed.

Fixing Wood Damage From Termites

When it comes to fixing wood, it’s wise to hire a contractor who can safely and effectively make repairs as needed. Common methods used to fix wood damage include:

  1. Wood hardeners: For minimal damage, wood hardeners can be used to fill in gaps or holes to strengthen the damaged wood.
  2. Wood sealants: After filling in gaps, wood sealants can help cut off the air supply to any remaining termites.
  3. Wood fillers: Similar to wood putty, this is an even more efficient way of filling in gaps and cracks in damaged wood.

Termite Damage Repair in Albuquerque

Bottom line, it’s important to take termite damage very seriously. This includes getting an inspection from a pest control company as well as possibly enlisting the help of a contractor for repairs. Wood damage can be dangerous for the foundation of your home, making it crucial to get professional help instead of trying to fix it yourself!

How Do You Fix Termite Damage? in Albuquerque NM

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