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Everyone knows that bees, wasps, and hornets play an important role in our ecosystem. Out in nature, these insects are typically harmless. However, when nests are built in residential areas, the stinging insects can become aggressive and more dangerous than you may think. The bee, wasp, and hornet exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions are proud to provide safe and effective bee removal services.

Are Hornets and Wasps Dangerous?

Let’s face it: many wasps, bees, and hornets look similar. Without the help of a professional, it can be hard to identify what species of stinging insect you are dealing with. While all possess a stinger, some species are much more aggressive than others. Although bumblebees can sting, it is very rare for them to do so unless they are directly threatened.

Certain hornets and yellow jackets, however, are easily provoked and will sting in defense or sting multiple times.

Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal Process

If a nest is built on or near your home or business, it needs to be handled by a professional wasp exterminator. Even a small nest can contain more stinging insects than you think! The Pest Defense Solutions nest removal process is as follows:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your property and the nest to identify the stinging insect species
  2. Safe bee, wasp, or hornet removal using humane methods
  3. Further measures to ensure new nests aren’t built in the same area
  4. Create a wasp removal report describing the treatment and providing tips on preventing nests in the future

Safe Bee Removal Services

When it comes to bee, wasp, and hornet control, it’s best to not take any risks. These stinging insects can be more aggressive than you think. Our licensed bee and wasp removal professionals have the tools and experience needed to handle these stinging insects safely and effectively. We also know how important it is to use green products in bee control.

For effective, safe, and humane bee, wasp, and hornet control, you can trust the experts at Pest Defense Solutions!

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