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How Do You Prevent Termites From Spreading in Albuquerque?

To stop termites from spreading—or to prevent them in the first place—it’s important to work with a professional termite exterminator that can administer termite prevention treatments.

There are several ways to prevent termites on your own, including getting rid of excess moisture in the home by fixing leaky pipes, cleaning up debris, fixing damaged wood, and more. If you already have termites in or around your home, contact a professional termite exterminator right away to keep the infestation from getting worse.

Best Termite Prevention Tips

In between treatments from a professional, there are several things you can do to protect your property. Some of the ways you can make your Albuquerque home less attractive to termites include: 

  1. Eliminating any sources of standing water in or near the home.
  2. Fixing any moisture problems, such as a leaky faucet or broken water pipe.
  3. Making sure your yard has good drainage, avoiding excess mulch, and cleaning out gutters regularly.
  4. Being cautious of areas in the home where wood is in contact with soil.
  5. Keeping piles of lumber or firewood away from the foundation of your home, and removing all decaying lumber.
  6. Regularly inspecting your deck, patio, or outdoor furniture for signs of damage.
  7. Removing dead trees and branches from areas surrounding your yard.

How to Stop a Termite Problem From Spreading

As soon as you discover termites or signs of their activity, call a termite exterminator right away. A professional can begin implementing preventative measures after you already have termites may help keep them from spreading, but it won’t reverse what damage has already been done.

Treatment from a professional is your best chance at not only removing the current termite activity you have, but also preventing the possibility of future infestations. The team at Pest Defense Solutions can stop an infestation from spreading in your Albuquerque property.

How Do You Prevent Termites From Spreading in Albuquerque? in Albuquerque NM

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