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Ticks are a year-round problem in Albuquerque for both humans and animals. Not only are these bloodsucking pests uncomfortable, they can also spread diseases like Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. At Pest Defense Solutions, our tick extermination team will implement the most effective tick removal treatments, allowing you to get rid of these pests and keep them out for good!

Tick FAQs

Ticks are not actually insects, but arachnids like spiders or mites. There are only a few varieties found in Albuquerque, and the United States as a whole, but there are well over 800 species worldwide. 

Ticks are mainly found in humid climates, but there are several varieties that have made a home around New Mexico. The Rocky Mountain wood tick is commonly seen here in grassy, brushy, and wooden areas. They don’t tend to migrate indoors unless dropped from a host animal or human.

Albuquerque is not known for Blacklegged Deer Ticks, which are the only variety that carries Lyme disease. Unfortunately, we do have a population Wood Ticks that can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which can result in a fever and bleeding rash. If you experience this it’s crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible, as Rocky Mountain spotted fever can be fatal if left untreated.

Ticks attach and feed for a duration that differs on a case-by-case basis. A larval tick will feed for about 3 days, while an adult female could attach for upwards of 10 days. The host may be immune to specific proteins in tick saliva, which makes it harder for the pests to feed. This can result in them being attached for longer, but more often than not it makes the host itch and remove the bug through scratching.

There are a variety of tick removal techniques out there, but many of them are drastically outdated. You should never use Vaseline or a hot match to get a tick to detach. Instead, wipe the area with rubbing alcohol and remove the pest with a pair of needle-nosed tweezers. 

Reliable Tick Pest Control

At Pest Defense Solutions, ticks have never been something we were incapable of handling. They’re an unpleasant discovery wherever you find them – but if you do you’re far from alone. Pest Defense Solutions has been working in the field of pest control for years, and in that time we have been the industry leaders in our field of work across New Mexico. 

Whether business or residential, dead of winter or dog days of summer, if you have ticks, we can get rid of them. Contact us today to learn more and get your free quote!

When to Use a Tick Exterminator

Whether you run a home or business in Albuquerque, there’s no room for ticks in your day-to-day life. They can spread disease to any people or animals they come into contact with, and result in general discomfort. You don’t want to turn away customers or expose members of your household to potentially fatal diseases, so if you think you have a tick infestation you shouldn’t wait to call for professional tick extermination. Pest Defense Solutions has been combating ticks for over 15 years. No matter the size or scope, we’re the ones to call for comprehensive pest control services in Albuquerque.

Our Tick Removal Process

Discovering a tick infestation within your residence can be an alarming experience, underscoring the significance of seeking assistance from Pest Defense Solutions’s highly experienced tick specialists. To ensure a tick-free environment, we will undertake the following measures:

  1. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine your property, meticulously identifying the origin of the infestation as well as any factors that may have contributed to it.
  2. We will administer effective tick control products and employ strategies to prevent ticks from accessing your property.
  3. We will provide continuous tick control and the provision of valuable after-care prevention advice, enabling you to steer clear of future infestations.

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