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Wildlife Control - Removal - Exclusion

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Wild animal invasions are something no property owner wants to deal with. Wildlife can be aggressive, which is why wildlife removal should always require the expertise of a wildlife pest control company! At Pest Defense Solutions, our wildlife removal team has the experience needed to safely and punctually remove wildlife, as well as keep them from returning!

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Wildlife Exclusion

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Nuisance wildlife identification at Pest Defense Solutions in Albuquerque New Mexico

Wildlife Removal Process

If a wild animal is on your property, it’s important to not approach it. Wildlife can be more of a threat than you may think, and can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Some of the steps in our wildlife pest control process includes:

  1. Identification of the type of wildlife you are dealing with
  2. Recommendation for a specific plan for capturing the animal
  3. Trapping the animal and safely removing it from your home or business
  4. Eliminating any sources of food and shelter for wildlife around your property
  5. Securing possible entry points where these animals may be entering your property to prevent future problems

Wildlife Exclusion Services

At Pest Defense Solutions, our wildlife removal team can safely remove wild animals as well as implement wildlife exclusion tactics to keep them from returning. Exclusion involved the use of barriers to reduce an animal’s chance of making their way onto or into your property.

Some additional tips to prevent wild animals include covering vents and chimneys with screens, covering overhangs and gutters, keeping a tidy yard, making sure your trash cans are sealed properly, and more.

Safe Wildlife Pest Control

Whether you spot a family of raccoons invading your shed or an opossum on your fence, it’s best to call a wildlife pest control expert such as Pest Defense Solutions. In addition to safe wildlife removal, we specialize in wildlife exclusion services to protect you from pesky animals all year long.

For humane and effective wildlife control and exclusion, Pest Defense Solutions has Albuquerque’s best wildlife removal team!

Wildlife Removal & Control in Albuquerque NM

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