Ants in a bathroom in Albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

Getting Rid of Ants in Your Bathroom

Many different kinds of ants are alive and thriving around Albuquerque NM. You can count on them to start attacking your home from every angle after a new rain or
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A tick found in Albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

Protecting Yourself from Ticks & Lyme Disease

There’s not much more unsettling than the experience of finding a tick trying to lodge itself into your skin. What’s even more frightening about ticks, though, is that some of
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Finding spiders in Albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

Our Top 10 Spider Facts

One thing about spiders is that, generally, the more you learn about them as a whole, the less you fear them! Here at Pest Defense Solutions, our team of spider
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Tips to stay pest-free in your Albuquerque NM backyard - Pest Defense Solutions

6 Tips to Prevent Pests in Your Patio

Whether you’ve had mosquitoes in your gutters or ants all over your barbeque, you know that pest problems can develop in a flash in your backyard. When the sun comes
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Flying termites found in Albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

Getting Rid of Flying Termites

Have you been seeing winged termites flying around your home recently? As we approach the warmer seasons in Albuquerque NM, termites will start swarming again to find new places to
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German cockroaches in Santa Fe NM - Pest Defense Solutions

10 Key German Cockroach Facts to Know

Many property owners in Albuquerque NM are well-accustomed to cockroach infestations. In our area, if you’re dealing with roaches indoors, there’s a very good chance they are German cockroaches. This
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