Round logs stacked in a woodpile - a common habitat for termites in winter

A Guide to Termite-Free Firewood

When winter hits in New Mexico, there’s nothing like a roaring fire to keep you warm. But the last thing you want is to welcome wood-boring pests in as you
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An American dog tick found in Albuquerque NM

Do Ticks Survive the Winter?

Although the winter in comes with its own unique bunch of pest problems, some of the creatures we deal with in the summer can brave the weather to cause even
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What Makes Squirrels Dangerous to Humans?

Are squirrels dangerous to humans? In general, squirrels are not a danger to humans, but they can be, and it’s important to be aware of the possibility. They can bite
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Man doing DIY pest control sprays pine tree

DIY Pest Control: What are the risks?

It may seem like DIY pest control is a good way to save money, time, and unnecessary hassle: You don’t have to contact, pay or wait around for a professional
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Mosquito hangs on stem

Overwatering Your Lawn Can Attract Mosquitos

If you want a healthy lawn, it’s crucial to water the right amount. Too little watering and you’ll have yellow patches of dead grass. Too much watering can cause lawn
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Three bees on a yellow flower

Natural Ways You Can Repel Bees and Wasps

Now that summer is here, many of us in the Albuquerque area will be spending more time outside. However, wasps and bees are also active in summer. Crossing paths with
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