Rodents infest homes in Albuquerque NM in the fall - Pest Defense Solutions

How to Keep Rodents Away This Fall

Every year when the seasons change, pest infestations spike. This is especially true for rodents, who get indoors to escape the seasonal changes outdoors in Albuquerque. Like any other type
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The brown recluse spider is one of many dangerous spiders in Albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

How to Prevent Dangerous Fall Spiders

In Albuquerque, spiders are one of the most common pests throughout the entire year. Spiders are usually harmless, but they can be a nuisance when they are in the home—or
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Tips to stay pest-free in your Albuquerque NM backyard - Pest Defense Solutions

6 Tips to Prevent Pests in Your Patio

Whether you’ve had mosquitoes near your pond or ants covering your barbecue area, you know how frustrating pests in your backyard can be. This time of year, you’re likely looking
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Cockroaches are a common summer pest problem in albuquerque NM - Pest Defense Solutions

The Danger of Summer Cockroach Infestations

Here at Pest Defense Solutions, we get a lot of calls for cockroach problems during the summer months. While roaches are a year-round pest problem in Albuquerque, their populations explode
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Protect Your Pets From Ticks This Summer

Out of all the common summertime pests, ticks pose a big threat. These parasitic insects are infamous for transmitting the most common vector-borne disease in the United States: Lyme disease.
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How to identify a wasp nest in the Albuquerque NM area - Pest Defense Solutions

Tips to Help Identify Wasp Nests

Wasps are a fact of life in the summertime here in Albuquerque. Many types of wasps become more and more active in the summer into early fall, making it likely
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