Find out when to call a spider exterminator such as Pest Defense Solutions in Albuquerque New Mexico

Seeing one or two spiders in your home is pretty normal. So how do you know when you have a spider problem that needs to be handled by an exterminator? Seeing excess webs inside your property or spotting a dangerous spider species warrants a call to Pest Defense Solutions.

Our spider exterminators know that spiders can be distressing, which is why we implement the most effective spider removal and prevention services!

Our Spider Removal Inspection

When you’re dealing with spider problems inside your home or business, it’s important to understand why the problem started in the first place! At Pest Defense Solutions, our first step is a consultation and full inspection of your property for signs of a spider infestation. Some of the things we look for include:

  1. Spider webs: Not all spider webs look like a classic web. Some are funnel shaped, looking almost like a wasps’ nest made of spider silk. This helps us identify what type of spider you are dealing 
  2. Damp areas: Spiders are often drawn to damp locations like basements and sheds, because damp areas are breeding grounds for the insects they eat.
  3. Burrows or crevices in your home: Many spider species won’t make webs at all. They’ll burrow into the ground around your home, or use crevices in the foundation or siding of your home as a temporary nest.
  4. The presence of ants, flies, and lice: These insects are a spider’s main food source, so you can bet that where you have these insects, you’ll have spiders.

The Best Spider Control Company

No one wants spiders inside their property, even if they’re mostly harmless. If you have noticed a growing number of spiders indoors or if you’ve spotted a black widow or brown recluse, it’s best to call the spider exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions. With award-winning training and advanced technology, your spider exterminator will look for conditions that invite spiders, tackle current infestations, and stop their life cycle to prevent future invaders. For more information, call us today!

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When to Call a Spider Exterminator in Albuquerque NM

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