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Albuquerque residents are used to dealing with rodent problems year-round. However, if you’re noticing them more than ever this year, you’re not alone. Since the start of the pandemic, rodent infestations haven’t only been on the rise—rats and mice are becoming more aggressive, too! This is due to the fact that their source of food from once fully operating restaurants has now diminished, forcing them to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, elsewhere often means right inside your home. Not only are rodent infestations a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous as well. With Rodent Awareness Week upon us, the team at Pest Defense Solutions is here with tips to keep rodents out of your home during the pandemic and all year long.

The Rise of Rodents During the Pandemic

The shelter in place shutdowns caused an uptick in residential rodent sightings as rats and mice became bolder in their hunt for resources. This has since caused an uptick in infestations and rodent-spread issues. While their presence may be more prevalent than ever, you thankfully do not need to worry about rodents transmitting COVID-19 to you or your family.

That said, rodents still can spread other diseases including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and many more. They also can cause significant damage to your home. With rodents emboldened in the current moment, they will not hesitate to make themselves at home in your home in the coming months. This makes it crucial to protect your property against them now!

6 Ways to Prevent Rats & Mice

To keep you and your family protected from rodents and the dangers they bring, there are several things you can do. Here’s what to focus on:

  • Securely store food in tight-fitting containers with lids.
  • Use caulk or wire wool to cover up gaps and openings near pipes and other openings.
  • Install mesh screens on your vents. Also, consider installing screens on doors and windows.
  • Rodents love to rummage in the garbage! If possible, keep your trash cans sealed and stored.
  • Fix any damaged roofing and use wire mesh to seal gaps in your eaves.
  • Get help from a professional rodent exterminator for more exclusion services.

Rodents in Albuquerque This Fall

Rats and mice are typically a common fall pest, but their infestations are exacerbated by the current pandemic. For assistance with keeping rats and mice out, our rodent control team can help. 

What to Know About Rodents During the Pandemic in Albuquerque NM

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