10 Key German Cockroach Facts to Know

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Many property owners in Albuquerque NM are well-accustomed to cockroach infestations. In our area, if you’re dealing with roaches indoors, there’s a very good chance they are German cockroaches. This species causes the most problems for homes, multi-family units, restaurants, food processing facilities, and indoor spaces. In addition to simply having an unsettling presence, German cockroaches have a rapid reproductive cycle and are capable of carrying dangerous pathogens. To learn more about German cockroaches and what you can do to stop them read on. Our cockroach exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions have laid out some facts and prevention tips that you have to know!

10 German Cockroach Facts

German cockroaches may look somewhat similar to their American and brown-banded counterparts, but they’re quite different. Here are our top 10 facts to know about German cockroaches:

  1. German cockroaches are best identified by their pronotum (protective plate behind the head), which has two longitudinal dark stripes.
  2. These roaches are most commonly found in residential and commercial kitchens or bathrooms.
  3. German cockroaches typically prefer areas of high temperatures and high humidity.
  4. German cockroaches only live indoors. While rare, they can live outside in warm weather.
  5. German cockroaches have an extremely quick rate of reproduction. This means they can spread throughout a building quickly.
  6. The ootheca (egg case) of the German cockroach contains between 35–40 eggs which take one month to hatch.
  7. German cockroaches can carry or transmit diseases and pathogens that can endanger humans.
  8. German cockroach infestations can cause severe asthmatic reactions in some people.
  9. They are able to climb on smooth surfaces because they have a sticky pad on their feet.
  10. German cockroaches prefer to spend their lives hidden in dark areas. They are known to hide inside walls, behind cabinets, inside appliances, and other rarely accessed areas.

How to Prevent a German Cockroach Infestation

As with all roaches, keeping German cockroaches out of your property requires regular maintenance and preventative efforts on your end. By keeping a clean, tidy property, you are effectively lessening the risk of an infestation. Roaches love filth and are attracted to clutter, as it can provide them with hiding places. Take these steps regularly to prevent a German cockroach infestation:

  • Take out your trash often and use sealable lids on your bins. 
  • Inspect the outside of your home for cracks leading in and the inside of your home for leaks.
  • Wipe up spills and sweep up crumbs promptly after they are spilled.
  • Store food in airtight containers and wash dishes as soon as you’re done eating.

Effective & Long-Lasting German Cockroach Control

Roaches prefer to stay hidden, so seeing them out during the day is a sign of a large infestation. As soon as you notice a single roach in your Santa Fe NM property, it’s time to call your local pest control company. Our roach exterminators at Pest Defense Solutions have years of experience providing residents and businesses alike with full-service German cockroach extermination. You can trust we will work to keep roaches out of your property all year long. Reach out today for a free quote!