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Bed bugs do not crawl or move as fast as some pests, but that doesn’t mean they don’t spread at an alarming rate! These pests are opportunists, meaning they will use a number of means to travel from one area to another. The spread of bed bugs usually happens when these pests latch onto clothing, suitcases, and more. Because of their silent nature, bed bugs can spread from one room to another in your home before you ever discover them. Plus, once established, bed bugs will reproduce at a rate that can quickly turn a small infestation into a large one. Read more with the experts here at Pest Defense Solutions to learn how you can stop the quick spread of bed bugs.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel From One Place to Another?

Bed bugs are unlike their fellow blood-sucking pests (fleas & ticks) in that they do not typically latch onto their hosts. After they are finished feeding, bed bugs will retreat to their hiding place until they are ready to eat once more. So how do bed bugs spread, then?

The spread of bed bugs typically occurs when the bugs latch onto luggage, clothing, bags, used furniture, or other infested items. When these items are moved from one area to another, they can easily introduce the bed bugs into a new area entirely.

5 Tips to Keep Bed Bugs From Spreading

To prevent bed bugs from spreading throughout your home, it’s important to learn how to inspect for bed bug activity. In addition:

  1. When traveling, use hard shell suitcases and thoroughly inspect your hotel room for bed bugs. Always store luggage up off the ground.
  2. Be wary of purchasing second-hand furniture unless you’ve inspected it thoroughly for bed bugs.
  3. Place protective covers over the mattresses and box springs in your home.
  4. When arriving home from traveling, steam clean your suitcase and wash all clothing before storing everything away.
  5. If you utilize shared laundry facilities or a laundromat, seal your clothes in a plastic bag to and from the facility, and always fold your clothes at home.

The Spread of Bed Bugs: How to Stop It

Bed bugs may be slow crawlers, but they can still spread quickly and often silently. Once you discover the first signs of bed bugs in your home or business, it’s crucial to reach out to your local bed bug exterminators as soon as possible. At Pest Defense Solutions, we will work hard to get rid of bed bugs and keep them away from your Albuquerque property for good. Contact us today to get started!

Do Bed Bugs Spread Quickly? in Albuquerque NM

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